Connecticut Core Standards Effect on Ledyard

Recently, Connecticut Core Standards have been required to be enforced in just about every subject in school. This even includes classes such as music, fine arts, Agri-Science classes.. Almost every teacher and student is affected by the Core Standards.

These standards were created to make education more equal and unified across the country. They are to make sure that all areas of the country would be striving to reach the same goals in schools.

According to English teacher Barbara Park, “The way that Connecticut Core Standards affect teachers and students at LHS is through a relatively new approach to standards- based learning activities. In the English department this has meant that we made some changes in the selection of materials for each grade level.”

Many students at Ledyard have not been enjoying the effects of the new standards. “I don’t like it; I think that some of the things that are required are just pointless,” junior Julianna Duben said.

Junior Jessica Hazler also doesn’t appreciate the Core Standards. “I think it is stupid because I’m not the person next to me or the person in a different state,” Hazler said. “We all learn and obtain lessons in class differently, so these tests just don’t do much.”

Unlike her students, Park sees many benefits to the new standards. “The emphasis on college and career readiness benefits every kind of learner at LHS,” Park said. “We are delivering a curriculum that prepares students to be able to think critically, read purposefully, and communicate clearly in writing and speech.”


Dani Tynan, News Editor

Junior Dani Tynan is News Editor for the 2014-2015 “Colonel”. She plays varsity volleyball and softball, and participates in Operation Smiles.

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