Second Movie, but Not Just Second Best

On May 5, the epic “Marvel” comic book story, “The Avengers” continued. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow had to fight their self created monster. The fight, together with emotions, fear, and ethical dilemmas, made this movie incredibly good.

What’s special about the Marvel movies is they don’t just make single movies, but bring them together. “The Avengers” brings the most famous Marvel superheroes together and combines them in one movie trilogy. The first movie was really good. It is common that the sequel movies are not as good, but this film does not show any significant parts which are horrible compared to the first one.

The movie starts with the Avengers destroying an enemy base to capture one of the infinity stones. During this mission, Tony Stark is shown through mind control a vision that leads him to create a dormant peacekeeping program(Ultron) which goes out of control and tries to destroy all humans. The Avengers fight this program, which is in the form of roboters. At the end of the movie, “The Avengers” are created just as they are supposed to appear in comic books.

A lot of action, like many Marvel movies, was the main highlight of this film. It was a joy to watch the awesome fights and, through the effects, it looked very realistic as well.

The only thing that should get a lot of criticism is Black Widow and Dr. Banner. In the movie they fall in love, and this does not really fit into the plot. It seems that the directors just put this in to have something dealing with romance. There is no real falling in love story; the conversations are short and meaningless, and it does not end happily. But this is the only bad part of the otherwise very good film.

Overall, the movie was a real success, and it is worth watching. The makers, again, made fireworks of all parts a good movie needs. The Marvel movie directors are masters at what they do and it is exciting to anticipate the movies which will follow.


Till Hambörger, Staff Writer

Junior Till Hambörger is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. He is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

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