Time to Sail, Not Run

As an old pair of running shoes are tossed in the closet, sophomore Peter Cronin turns to the water. Cronin started his new athletic career during the summer of 2011, after being diagnosed with a hip disease, perthes, fully impairing him from participating in any high-impact activities. The newly-restricted athlete considered sailing a simple alternative, giving it a shot after seeing his friend’s brother doing it at the same time. It never once crossed his mind that he would turn into such an accomplished teenage sailor.

Last year, Cronin was an athlete on the school’s cross country and indoor track team, but this year his focused changed. “I would rather further my skills in a sport that I am doing well in rather than do a sport that although I also do well in, do not get much of a sense of accomplishment when I do,” Cronin said. However, he hasn’t fully given up track, but has just placed it on hold to pursue sailing. When asked to compare sailing to running, Cronin states “Although people may not think of it, the sailing that I do is actually very tough. Running is a sport that tends to depend on if your body is made for the sport, but with sailing, it is a sport that you learn over time and can become an expert. It just depends on your devotion to the sport.” He said.

According to Cronin, the adrenaline rush that comes from sailing is difficult to explain, but he does say, “My favorite aspect of sailing would be when you come across the finish line in a good placing,” Cronin said. Competing in national regattas, Cronin and his sailing partner, Zach Champney, are happy when placing in the top 10.

Aside from first place finishes at local regattas, second place in his fleet for nationals, and fourth place in the Junior Olympics, Cronin considers his fifth overall win at the J24 North Americans competition by far the most notable. “I raced on not only a different boat, a whole different level. I was competing against North America’s best sailors who are older than 60 and had amazing amounts of skill,” Cronin said.

After a successful season of sailing, Cronin hopes to see more notable awards in the near future, competing in more regattas and for national titles.

Megan Rosen, Staff Writer

Sophomore Megan Rosen is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is on the volleyball team.

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