Hoping for a Strong End to a Great Season

Sounds of splashes and cheers start to die down as another swim meet ends, the girls swim team begins to become nostalgic as they look back on their season and start to think about their goals for the end of the year.  Many girls on the swim team would agree that this has been one of their strongest seasons. The girls are feeling very proud of what they have achieved so far and are looking forward to finishing off the year well. “In past seasons we have not had a winning record,” senior and co-captain Morgan Wicken said. “This year, the girls have really stepped it up and our record is better than it has been since I’ve swam for Ledyard.”

Senior and co-captain Hannah Terrapin feels the team’s success has a lot to do with the team’s liveliness. “Thanks to a strong incoming freshman class as well as our existing teammates, we’ve been able to beat teams we have always closely competed with, Terrapin said. “We only lost two seniors last year, so the team’s dynamic hasn’t changed much. We are still really close and the new swimmers fit in really well. I think a huge part of our success is the fact that our team is like a second family.”

The team’s main goal for the end of the season is to win their last few meets and  place in the top three in the Eastern Connecticut Conference. The way to achieve these goals is to keep encouraging each other. “My favorite part about swim is when we are at our meets, seeing the girls be so supportive of each other and cheering for one another,” Wicken said.

Winning isn’t everything for the girls. For many it is just the feeling of knowing they belong. “The best part of swim is just being in the water. It just feels like home,” junior Kaelin Lozier said. “I have tried other sports and I don’t get the same feeling I do when I am swimming. I also love that our team is really close and I’ve made a ton of new friends.”

As the season comes to a close the girls hope that the tradition of family on the team will continue into next year and many more to come.  

Dani Tynan, Editor in Chief of Horizons

Senior Dani Tynan is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Horizons Yearbook. She is on the volleyball and softball team and she participates in Operation Smile.

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