October 30 Report Card

A to Winter Sports Night: As the fall sports wrap up a whole new season is ahead of us! Good luck to the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, wrestling, boys’ and girls’ indoor track, cheerleading, fencing and ice hockey! Here at The Colonel we don’t even know how you guys do anything athletic in subzero temperatures, *shivers typing on a laptop*.

A to Spirit Week: Those hallway decorations almost make us wish we were born in another decade! Prohibition in the 20s, Communism in the 50s, discrimination of blacks in the 60s … but those poodle skirts totally make up for it! Cheer up you gloomy Guses, 2015 isn’t so bad.

A to Clyde’s Cider Mill: An absolute must for autumn in Connecticut. Dunking that warm, cinnamon-y donut into a Styrofoam cup of homemade apple cider almost makes you forget you waited an hour and a half in line.

A to The Haunted Trail: An excellent fundraiser for an excellent cause. Nice job to everybody that channeled their inner zombie! Just don’t show up to school looking like that, okay?

F to winter: It’s that time of the year again when literally all anyone complains about is the weather. Brace yourselves for artic air people, it’s only October.

F to Daylight Saving Time: Lighter in the morning, darker more quickly at night. The awful stretch of the school year when you have no motivation to get homework done because your brain thinks it should be sleeping.

F to new rules on sports buses: People are particularly uptight about this one. Sugary drinks and candy bars is what fuels us to win championships! We’ll surrender the Gatorade and Kit Kat when you’re ready to kiss those shiny trophies goodbye. That’s what we thought.

Leah Sheltry, Assistant Editor in Chief

Senior Leah Sheltry is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the secretary of Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) Club and is on the swim team.

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