Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

On Oct. 30, the club Palestra held an ultimate frisbee tournament to raise money for the Ledyard Animal Shelter. Senior and president of Palestra, Olivia Lyon, was enthusiastic about the event and felt it was a huge success. “The frisbee tournament was really [a] way for us to kick off the school year and bring awareness to our club,” she said. “We thought helping a cause in Ledyard would be a perfect start.”

The tournament was popular among the student body. According to Lyon there were five teams made up of boys and girls from every grade. Senior Tim Beacham was one of the participants. “There were quite a few players there and I know some of the football players would have participated if there was not a [football] game that night,” he said.

The students enjoyed being able to get outside, have fun and play for a good cause. Senior and a member of the winning team “Money,” Anthony Viteritto, agrees. “Nate Terry, Trevor Bolduc, Kevin Brawner  and I were pretty happy [to win]. It was cool, but it wasn’t a thing where we were going to brag about [it]  because it was just a fun activity for a good cause,” he said.

Senior Ryan Krupansky  was a part of the third place team “Super Nova.” His other teammates included seniors  Beacham, Grant Fowler, Chris Hughes and Christian Fogg. “My favorite part was just being able to get a group of friends together and enjoy playing some ultimate on a beautiful fall afternoon,” he said.

As a whole most participants in the ultimate frisbee tournament felt that it was a great opening to the clubs year. “They all seemed to really enjoy it, especially because there are not a lot of opportunities to play ultimate frisbee in Connecticut besides high school gym classes, Lyon said. “We were ultimately able to give back to the community which is our many goal in all of our events.”

Dani Tynan, Editor in Chief of Horizons

Senior Dani Tynan is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Horizons Yearbook. She is on the volleyball and softball team and she participates in Operation Smile.

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