Dear November

Dear November, I have missed you

It has been quite a while

Dear November, I told myself it can’t be true

But I am no longer a child

Dear November, its quite stunning

the world can get away with this crime

Dear November, I’m out of breath from running

out of all this precious time

Dear November, things are changing

the leaves melted from the trees

Dear November, my mind is raging

I can’t stop the shaking in my knees

Dear November, these nights are longer

the days just a little bit colder

Dear November, I thought I was stronger

I don’t want to get older

Dear November, I think I’m okay

I feel a little cold like the snow

Dear November, take me away

I think that I’m ready to go

Olivia Triplett

Senior Olivia Triplett is the 2015-2016 Poet Laureate.

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