An Acabella Style Fundraiser

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do. Do. Ti, La, Sofa? Mi, Re, Do. That scale could only mean one thing … either we are being invaded by aliens or there is a concert coming up. Signs point to a concert. If you picked that then you are absolutely right! The acappella choir is having a concert at 7:30 tonight to raise money for the Chamber Choir’s trip to Europe.

Sophomore Emma Graebner is especially excited for this upcoming event. “This fundraiser is another way to get the Chamber Choir closer to our goal of going to Europe. We are trying to raise all/the majority of the money and this will help us do that,” she said. “Acappella is not a super serious group. We get work done, but still have fun in the process.”

Graebner also said that since joining acappella she has become a better singer. “It’s made me a better singer because, like Chamber, I have to listen to everyone around me and learn to watch the other girls because we do not have a conductor.”

Russell Hammond, one of the choir directors, is also very excited for this event. “I am looking forward to a great evening of singing featuring a wide variety of ensembles,” he said. The featured group is a college acapella from Central Connecticut State University, who will include LHS alumni Steven Servedio.  There’s also another group of alumni singers — Mr. Hammond, Mr. Lambert and two other teachers, as well as two of the high school acappella groups.

Ruth Gowitzke, Staff Writer

Senior Ruth Gowitzke is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She participates in Symphonic Band, Marching Band and Jazz Band.

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