Athletes of the Week: Seniors Mitchell Hempstead and Imani Williams

The Colonel: Why did you choose to compete in throwing?

Mitchell:  My event is shotput which is basically throwing a 12-pound ball the farthest you can and I chose this event because like in any sport, you do your strengths. I am just simply strong, that is why I chose this event. It requires strength and technique.

Imani: I chose this event because it was something I’ve never tried before so I thought it would be an amazing new experience.

The Colonel: What is the best part about track?

Mitchell: The best part about track is that it is fun and you can interact with a lot of people and you can still get a great exercise.

Imani: The best part is honestly the friendships and the social part because even though you spend hours and hours at meets, you can meet new people, and everyone on the team is friends.

The Colonel: How do you prepare for each event?

Mitchell:  What I do to prepare for every event is simply stretch and get my mind in the zone because you need to be loose and sometimes shotput can be intimidating when you see someone bigger than you who may throw the shot far.

Imani:  At the meets, I do one lap and then I do some basic stretches and right before my throwing flight, I do some practice throws for about five minutes.

The Colonel: Is there any advice you can offer for underclassmen?

Mitchell: The advice that I would give to underclassmen is do not procrastinate if you’re going to do a sport, actually work for it. Although track is a little more laid back and not as demanding in my opinion, it’s still a sport, so work for it.

Imani: Don’t miss practices because you can think that you’re doing really well and you come back and you end up forgetting certain stands and how to properly throw.

The Colonel: Do you think you will continue doing this in college?

Mitchell: One day I hope to go to college and yes I would probably still do this sport, but after high school, I intend to enlist in the Navy so that I can actually pay for college and not be in massive debt.

Imani: I will continue to do throwing at a college and hopefully continue to grow at it and get better.



Ruth Gowitzke, Staff Writer

Senior Ruth Gowitzke is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She participates in Symphonic Band, Marching Band and Jazz Band.



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