Dog Grooming for the Ledyard Food Pantry

February is a month of cold weather, Valentine’s-Day-inspired love and scrambling to get course selections completed. This February, however, also means dog grooming, where Agricultural Science students get to show off their canine grooming skills for a good cause.

Teachers bring in their dogs, students groom them and the money raised goes to the Ledyard Food Pantry. Juniors who currently take the dog grooming class, such as Reliynn Grant, participate in the event.

Grant believes that it’ll be successful, considering the cause and the students’ love for dogs. “How we’re using the money is an amazing idea and I am very passionate about animals and the jobs that go with them,” she said.

The class covers more than dog grooming: “We learn a lot about the different diseases and parasites that dogs can get and … also the importance of dog behavior,” Grant said. At the end of the class, students will have learned how to groom a variety of dogs, run a canine day camp and earn their Animal Care Technologies Kennel Assistant Certificate.

The dog grooming event starts Feb. 9 and ends Mar. 16. Email Mrs. O’Keefe at do’ to sign up.

Carina Wang, Staff Writer

Sophomore Carina Wang is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is on the FIRST Robotics team.

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