The Importance of Opinion

A note from your Editor:

When 2015 came to a close, my New Year’s resolution was to be more patient. It is now February and this resolution is now testing my personal strength as a young adult. As I begin to make my way into the real world, people still surprise me, and not in pleasant ways.

Each morning, I take the same route to my locker and first block class and I always overhear countless individuals gossiping about what was said the night before on good ole Twitter. It kills me every time I hear a fellow student bash someone for their personal opinion. Didn’t we learn in third grade to respect one another and each other’s differences? Dr. Seuss would not be very happy to hear these unkind words.

If you are unhappy with a person’s opinion, then simply go up to them and politely ask them about it. It is so unnecessary to talk behind people’s backs and spark rumors. If the telephone game taught us anything, it is that the story never comes out the same as it did in the beginning.

For those of you questioning the recent posts by our determined writers, just take a look at the official Ledyard website. Under policy 6145.3, it states that controversial issues allow the following rights for journalists:

  1. “To print, on the editorial page, opinions on any topic, whether school related or not, which students feel are of interest to themselves or to the readers.”

The Colonel staff always has open ears to listen to questions or concerns. We love feedback and if you have an issue, come to the writer, not a third party. If you want a direct answer and the truth, then the writer is the most reliable source. The staff has always worked hard to bring student’s opinions to life. Everyone is entitled to their own and always will be. Face it, it is 2016 and people will continue to fight for their own beliefs. If this is a problem for you, maybe teleport back to the cavemen age.

Megan Brawner, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Megan Brawner is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the captain of the cross country team and runs Indoor and Outdoor Track. She participates in Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) Club and is the secretary of the Senior Class. She is the Editor of Key Club.

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