Top 6 Super Bowl Commercials

1. Doritos Ultrasound – As usual, Doritos had their annual commercial, this year it starred a pregnant couple and their doctor.

2. T-mobile Restricted Bling – Drake is singing “Hotline Bling” when several sales agents for T-mobile come over and give Drake changes for his lyrics.

3. Weiner Dogs Dressed as Hot Dogs – The adorable commercial stars several weiner dogs dressed in hot dog costumes to advertise Heinz ketchup.

4. Marilyn Monroe Snickers – In a classic “you’re not you when you’re hungry” commercial Willem Dafoe is dressed as the pop culture legend.

5. Super Bowl Babies – Everyone saw the people singing and expected a car to drive through and be advertised. It came as a shock when people realized the song meant they had been conceived during the Super Bowl.

6. Hyundai’s First Date – As a comedian Kevin Hart’s daughter goes on her first date he follows the young couple by using the technology of the family Hyundai.

Savannah Houdeshell, staff writer

Freshman Savannah Houdeshell is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. She participates in Operation Smile and is on the soccer team.

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