Cheerleading Competition Season has Begun

The cheerleading team traveled to Waterford High School to compete in the Eastern Connecticut Conference cheer competion. Where they placed third overall. The team has been preparing for the competion season since January.

“We conditioned as much as possible and we performed our routine in front of the crowd during halftime at basketball games to get us used to performing in front of people,” junior Amir Feaster said.

They also worked together to come up with the best routine. “We brainstormed ideas to make our routine better and made changes for more visual effects and creative tricks,” junior Erianne Izzard said.

After all their hard work some of the cheerleaders were not completely satisfied with their performance. “It was not our best,” Izzard said. “I think some of the events that happened right before our performance messed with our concentration and led us to not be 100 percent focused on the mat.”

Even though Feaster didn’t  feel it was their best work he is still proud of his team. “I feel that we could have done better, but we tried our best and left our hearts and souls on that mat,” he said. “We put on a show and that’s all I can ask from my team. As long as we can say we all tried our hardest, then I’ll be happy with whatever place we come in.”

On Feb. 27, the team also placed third in the NECA competition. They will compete at six tonight at Hillhouse High School in the state tournament.

Dani Tynan, Editor-in-Chief of Horizons

Senior Dani Tynan is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Horizons Yearbook. She is on the volleyball and softball team and she participates in Operation Smile. She will attend Eastern Connecticut State University to study Elementary Education next fall.


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