September A’s and F’s

September As and Fs

A to All Students in School Again

  • After being separated from school, our classmates, and teachers since March of 2020, we are finally able to all be in the building again.  Seeing the individuals who you last saw almost two whole years ago, seeing the way they’ve changed, how different they sound, has been a challenging, yet welcome, adjustment. Some may say they’d rather be learning from home, however, the social interaction with groups and individuals in a classroom teaches a variety of social skills that we are lucky to have again. Being back in school as one large community also means being able to hear/perform music throughout the school, attend sporting events with friends, and not have to worry about which days are in-school or remote days.

A to Unconquered Sports Teams (as of publication)

  • Returning back to school, our student athletes and coaches have simply outdone themselves! Boys soccer, girls cross-country, and our varsity football team all remain undefeated this month and are on the right track to stay undefeated, knock on wood. Our other sports teams, such as boys cross-country, girls soccer, and girls swimming, are also making Ledyard proud by showing good sportsmanship, leadership, and perseverance. 

B+ to Senior Sunrise

  • We were skeptical and didn’t think this year’s Senior Sunrise would have a great attendance, but we were completely wrong. To our surprise, the majority of seniors came to eat donuts and drink bad coffee at 6 in the morning. Although the sunset wasn’t anything special that morning, we all had fun listening to music, dancing, and taking photos together. Overall, it was super fun and a great way to reconnect and talk with different groups of friends in a setting away from school. 

C to Diablocial Licks

  • The new idea of licks has come to an absolute peak as far as comical notoriety and destroying taxpayer property when it wasn’t happening to us. However, taking part in these acts is wasting valuable resources along with the time of individuals whose salary is also being paid by tax paying dollars. Not only that, you’re also making it much more difficult on our hard-working janitors who don’t deserve this level of disrespect. People who decide to create widespread hysteria have made it very clear that they don’t respect others, including their parents or their money. All for the sole factor of being “that guy.”

D to One-Way Hallway Routes 

  • Although we appreciate and are happy our administration is keeping us Covid-safe and enforcing one way hallway routes, I think we can all agree it can be frustrating. The one-way hallway system can make it hard to get where we need to go quickly and often reminds us that Covid is something we still need to be aware of to keep us all healthy, safe, and in school. With that being said, follow the hallway patterns and do your best to encourage others to do the same! Also, don’t forget to be respectful to teachers who are enforcing these rules and understand they don’t want to have to repeatedly tell students to follow the traffic patterns.

F to Canceled Ledyard Fair

  • Unfortunately, after years of Ledyard Fair fun, it has officially come to an end and was canceled again this year. For many students, the fair was a way to have fun with friends and take advantage of the last days of nice summer weather. This year we will be missing the thrilling rides, the fair food, and the opportunity to make more memories with friends.

F to The New Albert System

  • As everyone adjusts to being in school again, we also have to adjust to the new system that was put into place for students and teachers. The new Albert System has been a huge inconvenience to everyone in multiple different ways. For example, the system disables students’ emails making it so we aren’t able to send/receive emails or access our Google Classrooms. It also makes life much harder for our outstanding tech and library staff (subtle reminder to thank and appreciate them!!). If that wasn’t reason enough, the system additionally makes Ledyard High School’s wifi significantly worse than it was on our Chromebooks and other devices.

Senior Emily Goodrich is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 yearbook. She is the Class Vice President and an NHS member. When she’s not harassing her mom to go to the beach or with friends, you could probably find her napping.

Senior Daemion Startz is a staff writer for the Colonel, he’s as likely as not currently preoccupied with goon activities however, when he is not you will see him at the gym according to Emma Kay but he’d rather eat chicken and rice instead.

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