How to Vote

If you’re 18 or will be by Connecticut’s April 26 presidential primary, you can vote. Registering to vote is one of the more simple steps to adulthood, but many 17 or 18-year-olds don’t know where to start.

Every state has a similar website, but if you’re planning to vote in Connecticut, follow these steps:

  1. Start by typing “register to vote” into a Google search box.
  2. The first website you’ll see is the one you’ll want to click on.
  3. The site prompts you with which language you’ll want to continue in, either English or Spanish.
  4. The site has a sort of “terms and conditions” list. The two teal buttons at the bottom are the important part. If you have a DMV license or learner’s permit, click the first button. If you don’t, click the second button.
  5. Click the first one and check off the four boxes.
  6. The first step of voter registration is checking off four boxes of the “musts” described above.
  7. The second step is where you enter all of your personal information. You must enter your nine-digit license number.
  8. Enter your address on step three. Ledyard’s full zip code is 06335-1519.
  9. This is where you can select the political party you want to belong to. Not selecting a party just means you won’t be able to vote in the presidential primary. Selecting “Independent” means you won’t be able to either.
  10. In step five, you’re just rechecking the information you submitted. You should receive registration in about three weeks.

Leah Sheltry, Assistant Editor-in-Chief 

Senior Leah Sheltry is the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the secretary of Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) Club and is on the swim team. She will attend Lasell College to study Fashion Communication & Promotion next fall.

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