Free Kesha

Recently, former pop star Kesha has been battling her producer at SONY Records, Dr. Luke. About a week ago, she appealed in a court of law pleading her case of sexual abuse charges. Even after giving her story of the countless acts of abuse she so long endured, the judge revoked her request.  The case immediately went viral, and now fans and other stars in the music world have spoken out against abuse, supporting the 28 year-old victim. But, Kesha’s incident is one of many that happen often; some even go undocumented. How can we expect victims of abuse to come out about their abuser if there is a good chance the person will not be prosecuted? How can we put a stop to this if the perpetrators are not even punished? Ultimately, we cannot.

Unfortunately for the 28 year-old artist, Kesha’s contract still has a remaining six years working with Dr. Luke, who has allegedly been abusing her for several years, both emotionally and physically. The official lawsuit was filed back in 2014, presumably when the abuse became too much to handle. The lawsuit accounted for, under Kesha’s testimony, drugging and raping. However, Kesha’s producer, Dr. Luke, immediately filed a counterclaim saying that she was simply trying to get out of the contract by any means necessary. The notorious producer, according to Kesha, also emotionally damaged her enough to have to check into a treatment center in 2014 for bulimia.

Even Kesha’s mother has testified against the very real and unforeseen actions of Dr. Luke unto her daughter. While many have become outraged at the trial’s outcome, it is important to see this not as a loss, but rather an opportunity to make a difference and create an environment where domestic abuse victims feel comfortable. If we make the decision to stand by Kesha, especially in the media where immediate attention will be given, we may be able to help just one victim put her abuser behind bars.

The media is our tool and we must utilize it strategically to help Kesha’s case. People don’t realize the seriousness of abuse and the way it can, according to Dr. Gail Gross, destroy brain activity in the amygdala and hippocampus, as well as other physiological disruptions. While yes, it would have been ideal for the prosecutors to find some way to build the case up enough to lock up Dr. Luke, the door is certainly not shut, and by the looks of it, won’t be shut anytime soon. The case has already received active attention and it is our obligation to provide the support that may be helpful in persuading the judge to reconsider the verdict.

Samantha Barnes, Social Media Editor

Senior Samantha Barnes is the Social Media Editor of the 2015-2016 Colonel. She is the secretary of Student Congress and competitively horseback rides. She will attend Fairfield University to study Business next fall.


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