Social Media Impact on Social Movements



People all over the world have some type of social media. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, people have accounts. Now there are many questions about sites like this and people are against social media. Personally, I’m not against social media. Social media is used by people to talk about their lives and their issues and to communicate with people all over. Social media is also used as a tool for businesses to advertise, and for informational use for the public to see. This is perfect for any type of social movement. It’s perfect because members and followers of the social movement can start accounts about their topic and what they want to achieve, and spread awareness. This is perfect for them and they should have a right to post what they feel. Social media has taken over society today and it should be used for any purpose. People are not aware of these movements and I feel social media is the perfect way to let people know what they are about. Social media can also have a positive outcome. For example, the Black Lives matter movement has a twitter that shows what they’re about and what they support. It is a good thing because it represents that black culture and defends them.

Julio Nieves, staff writer

Sophomore Julio Nieves is a staff writer for the 2015-2016 Colonel. He is on the basketball team.

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