Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is on Fire: Literally!

Recently, there have been many reports of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7s exploding or bursting into flames. If you’re a Samsung user, you’re thinking, “I’m glad I didn’t buy that phone,” or if you’re an Apple user, you’re thinking, “Great, Samsungs suck anyway.”

The phone in question was released on Aug. 19. Soon after its release, reports came rushing in of the battery exploding or melting the phone while charging. The phone has done damage, ranging from burning children’s hands to completely burning down a family’s Jeep. Samsung recalled the 2.5 million phones sold, urging buyers to quickly exchange their models for a different phone while they work on a replacement.

As great as the new technology introduced with this phone was, this is a major fault.

Samsung used a lithium-ion battery in this model, which, when manufactured incorrectly, has the tendency to combust. According to the Chicago Tribune, these batteries have two electrodes on either side- one filled with negatively charged ions, or anodes, and one filled with positively charged ions, or cathodes. If the cathodes and the anodes touch each other, they can explode.

The batteries have software that communicates exactly how much and how fast they can be charged. Miscommunication between this software and the battery can cause a severe reaction,such as the phone bursting into flames.

The Federal Aviation Agency has restricted the use of this smartphone while traveling, telling passengers to turn off the phone and not charge it during a flight, or even refrain from putting the phone in checked baggage.

Users of this smartphone are urged to take their Galaxy Note 7 to an authorized Samsung seller to obtain a replacement. The risk of missing a few Instagram posts while waiting for a new phone to come in should be a lesser concern than the risk of your phone exploding in your own hands.

Amber Dubreuil, Staff Writer

Junior Amber Dubreuil is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. She is a member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and participates in the Gay-Straight Alliance club (GSA). In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts and listening to rock music.

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