Presidential Collection

After the success of presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, various celebrities have hinted at running in 2020. Who would you vote for?

Jesse Ventura


After a colorful career in the World Wrestling Federation, including various tag team and regional titles, Jesse Ventura moved on to drop legislation from the top rope. Serving as the mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and later as Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, Ventura enjoyed success as a state level executive and may look to the federal level in the next few years.

Waka Flocka Flame


Following the announcement of his possible 2016 race with a video from Rolling Stone Magazine, we look forward to seeing Waka Flocka Flame take the reins and go for the White House once more. He may not gain the respect of old right-winged constituents but he is sure to steal the hearts of many a young voter come the fateful November.

Kanye West


His debut album may be called College Dropout, but Kanye has no fear. After recently voicing hopes to join the 2020 race, Mr. West stresses that he will focus on widespread topics such as humanity and the truth. President Obama described the potential candidate’s efforts as “strange,” but nonetheless, the rapper’s political push remains a possibility.

Tim McGraw


Though he totes a classic cowboy hat and stride, the country singer is known to be a supporter of the Obama administration. According to Today, McGraw was offered a senatorial position in Tennessee, but he had to pass because of family matters. However, 2020 may offer a re-entry into the world of politics for the southern songwriter.

The Rock


Rivaling fellow WWE star Jesse Ventura, the Rock claims various wrestling accolades such as a five time Tag Team Champion and eight time WWE World Champion. Though he doesn’t have any gubernatorial experience, the Rock has appeared as “The Rock Obama” on SNL, so here’s to hoping some of the political experience rubbed off. This may be the first election to end in a knockout.

George Clooney


Beloved actor and filmmaker George Clooney joins our ballot for 2020 after various rumors of his possible presidential run. Clooney is known to be an activist after organizing events such as Hope for Haiti and conducting initiatives such as the Not On Our Watch Project, a project that works to stop mass atrocities such as the human rights violations in Darfur. Touting widespread acclaim as a Hollywood star, some wonder if he will prevail as a modern democratic Reagan.

Collin Sitz, Staff Writer

Senior Collin Sitz is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. He plays in the Ledyard Marching Band, Jazz band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Orchestra. He also sings in Final Cut. When he’s not in school, he can be found playing intense games of frisbee.

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