Presidential Election 2016 Survey: Results


Most Educated: 


…VS. the Least Educated: 


Clinton leads in the three top educated groups in Connecticut, while Trump leads slightly in the two least educated. According to the data, if you have a Doctorate, Master’s, or Bachelor’s, you are most likely to vote for Clinton. If you have an Associate’s or High School Diploma you are most likely to vote for Trump.

Preference of Individuals 13-29:


…VS. the Preference of Individuals 30+:


This shows that Trump is more popular among older voters than he is with younger voters, based on this survey, perhaps due to his highly conservative values, such as the repeal of gay marriage equality, as well as the restriction of abortions.

In light of Donald Trump’s media antics and polarizing comments about various groups of people living in the United States, many Republicans have publicly spoken against the candidate. But just how many Republicans surveyed said they will be voting Clinton?


Although a few Republican voters are willing to admit to their candidate’s faults, the majority remain unwilling to part from their party’s conservative values.

How many believed that Clinton’s emails contained confidential information?


The majority of individuals surveyed believe confidential information was located in Clinton’s private email – however, this is actually false. No evidence has been found of any confidential information inside of Clinton’s emails on this private server. Allegedly, Russian forces, as well as the Trump campaign, have placed false information on social media as a smear campaign against Clinton to weaken her support, and to draw in the support of undecided and independent voters. Many voters may be misinformed, and/or actually believe they are more informed than other voters – but actually have fallen into a trap of misinformation.

Who is more popular among men, VS. Who is more popular among women?


One could conclude that more women prefer Clinton because of Trump’s reputation of  disrespecting women, specifically and in general, using very strong inappropriate language towards and around them, as well as during interviews throughout his career, stating in a few ways that men who take care of their children are acting “like the wife”, and that he pays his partners to take care of their children. He has faced much backlash throughout his campaign for his treatment of his daughter, Ivanka Trump, which has been regarded as highly sexual. Ivanka Trump, a very accomplished businesswoman, has been spoken of in a purely superficial way, specifically by her father, who has stated multiple times that she has the “best body,” a “very nice body,” and when asked if she could be called “hot,” said simply, “yes.”

Who do those involved in the election prefer VS. those who are uninvolved?


Who do the minority groups prefer?



This is likely due to the fact that Mike Pence, Trump’s pick for VP, has made statements  that being gay is a choice, and has pushed legislation in his home state of Indiana to  specifically give businesses the right to refuse service to any person identifying as homosexual. Trump has also expressed a distaste for homosexuality and both Trump and his running mate have insinuated they would like to repeal gay marriage equality.

African Americans and Blacks:


Hispanics and Latinos:


Minority voters may be discouraged to vote for Trump for the way Trump comments upon them. For example, in a recent rally, Trump had an African American male supporter removed and called him a “thug”, presumably because of his race, and has also stated that this race is “lazy” in general. These discriminatory comments, and comments like these, are what may turn away possible African American, Latino, and homosexual votes.

Additionally, of those surveyed, the majority of Clinton’s supporters say they most value “equality”, while Trump’s supporters said they most valued “freedom”.

This survey reflects the results of 263 responses.

Jolie Suarez, Staff Writer

Sophomore Jolie Suarez is a staff writer for the 2016-2017 Colonel. She spends her time outside of class playing soccer and swimming. She also enjoys reading, writing, and singing.

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