November Report Card

A to finally getting Veterans Day off: Shoutout to administration for having Ledyard follow the regional calendar, which allows military kids to spend time with their families on this day to honor them.

A to Thanksgiving: It’s just here because it’s delicious, and the extra day to the students’ break is another plus.

A to the 300s bathrooms: After months of having to travel upstairs for a bathroom, the newly-renovated 300s bathrooms are finally open!

A to the end of presidential campaigns: We can now return to our regular commercials featuring insurance companies, every well-known drug commercial, and dog food. That’s what’s really important here, America.

A to Mr. Casertano making recycling actually happen: Did you know that the recycling bins in every classroom used to be thrown into the regular garbage at the end of the day? Well, thanks to the one and only Mr. Casertano, he convinced administration to start recycling outside of the classrooms, save the planet, yo.

A to Christmas: If every store can put Christmas decorations over a month early, I can give an A to Christmas a month early.

C to sweater weather: The coziest part of the year is arriving quickly, but it’s still T-shirt weather in most of the school. Let us wear our sweaters and hoodies in peace already. This is New England, not California, hate to break it to ya, heating vents.

D to students getting emails: Honestly, no student needs another password or account to keep track of; a point that has been proven by countless students losing their passwords and access to the account that is “so important.” Just because having a professional email is something some students may need to handle in the future doesn’t mean we all have to deal with it now.

F to the newly elected president: It wouldn’t be a report card without a shout out to President-Elect Donald Trump. From just walking to class, you’re bound to hear this famous name at least once, and some Ledyard students don’t seem to like him very much. #KANYE2020 and other celebrities will be running in the next election, refer to our Presidential Collection article for more. The only good thing to come out of this election are the Joe Biden memes, although they will be ending soon, *tears*.

F to the people who walk down the hallway with speakers in their pockets: Not sure if y’all have heard of this amazing invention called headphones, but they’re great, cheap, and HIGHLY recommended.

F to vending machine prices: Refer to our article Vending Machine Pandemonium. We for one are absolutely outraged. In the words of Richard Mullaney, “Who carries around a quarter with them at all times?”

F to tests at the end of the quarter: Finals and midterms may be necessary, but the average student can only handle so much and does not need to worry about eight assessments that teachers decide to give at the end of the quarter at a time just when they thought they were in the clear.

F to teachers who don’t update Powerschool until the end of the quarter: Not sure if this is part of an evil plan to hurt our grades, but it’s tough to get the chance to pull your grade up that last one percent to get to an A or B without access to your final quarter grade.

Megan Rosen, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Junior Megan Rosen is the Associate Editor-in-Chief of The Colonel. She is on the varsity tennis team at Ledyard and also enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. When she is not in school, you can often find her shopping or eating waffles and drinking smoothies.

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