Quidditch Sweeps Into LHS

Hogwarts’ magical game joins the list of sports here at Ledyard High School. In the traditional game of Quidditch, teams are compiled of students from their house, which is how students at Hogwarts are separated. Here at Ledyard High School,  teams will be organized by grade: there will be sophomore, junior, and senior teams. Tryouts for positions for the freshman team will be held on the football field on April 4th.

For those unfamiliar with the co-ed sport, there are four different positions: seekers, chasers, keepers and beaters. A team consists of one seeker, three chasers, one keeper, and two beaters. A player will also be needed to play the snitch, the ball that the teams are trying to catch.

The seeker’s goal is to chase and catch the snitch, a small golden orb that zips around, and in this case, will be someone with a ‘tail.’ Catching the snitch is worth 30 points.

The chasers’ objective is to score goals with the quaffle (a regular volleyball) by throwing or kicking it into the hoops for ten points. The two beaters’ jobs are to use the bludgers, which are different colored volleyballs, to discombobulate the other team’s players.

The keeper’s job is to guard the hoops where the opposite team will attempt to score. All players must be on a broom while playing. The field has three hoops on each side, and the keepers are positioned in front of the hoops and dart around to prevent the other team from scoring.

Sophomore Allison VanNess, a seeker, said, “Pain is part of the game.”. Make sure to pack some protective gear in case of an injury. This fun sport will be available to play this spring.


Payton Edwards, Staff Writer

Sophomore Payton Edwards is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to 80’s music, reading, and snuggling her precious dog and cat. She also has an unhealthy obsession with “Hamilton,” “The Office,”  and “Parks and Recreation.”

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