April Report Card

A to the freshly painted stairwell doors: It’s about time LHS started looking like LHS…as far as our color scheme goes. We needed more blue around here, not that nasty New London green.

A to senior superlatives: Clearly the most important awards that are given throughout a student’s high school career. No one wants to open an old yearbook and see an academic accomplishment from an old acquaintance, they want to see that Bethanie Deveau had the best hair.

A to Ledyard schools finally being renovated: We may not be there to enjoy it, but LMS finally getting walls is a huge deal. For our out of town students, yes, our middle school did not have walls.

A to the Unicorn Frappucino at Starbucks: I may be biased, but this HAS to top that pink drink. This one is pink. And purple. And blue. And sparkly. And 1000x cuter with whipped cream on top.

A to Career Day: A shortened physics class to spend an hour gaining priceless knowledge about our futures? Always a good idea. More please?

F to Career Day announcements: Not only does “That bell mark the beginning of session two of Career Day,” it also marks when every classroom will be filled with whining teenagers complaining that the obvious announcement had to be made before every session, cutting off our speakers.

F to SAT day: While not nearly as bad as the struggle the sophomore class faced with CAPT, getting out an hour later than expected was a little less than enjoyable, especially for the classrooms that started on time and then had to wait for that super long time to get our phones back (because every adult in this building claims we can’t survive without our phones.)

F to promposals…to your boy/girlfriend: Are you not already dating and assuming you’ll be going to prom together? Did your girlfriend not already buy her dress two months ago?? Making a big sign asking someone you’re already dating is beyond unnecessary — it’s not even about prom anymore, it’s about having something to post on Instagram for the day and bring in all the flattering comments.


Megan Rosen, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Junior Megan Rosen is the Associate Editor-in-Chief of The Colonel. She is on the varsity tennis team at Ledyard, participates in PALESTRA, and enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. When she is not in school, you can often find her shopping or eating waffles and drinking smoothies.

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