Bursting at the Seams

It was early in the morning; the sky was clear, the air was crisp, the stars glistened up above, and the moon shone in the night sky. The trees were silent and the birds quiet, saving energy for the morning. Houses were fast asleep with their blinding lights off for the night when the phone call was made. People picked up, hung up, and rushed to the sleeping school. Laverne was giving birth to her piglets.

Laverne, our resident pig, was due on Feb. 3, but it took until Feb. 8 for Laverne gave birth to four piglets, including one boy and three girls. Laverne is a Berkshire pig, which on average have litters of six to eight piglets. Usually pregnant for 114 days, Berkshire pigs are known to go six days past due because of their small litters. This is Laverne’s second pregnancy; she gave birth to her first litter last April.

Ledyard has had Laverne for two years now, and are planning to keep her for future breeding. The piglets will stay with Laverne for up to six to eight weeks while they are weaning, or while they are still drinking their mother’s milk. Currently all of the piglets are healthy and happy. Eventually some will be sent away, but for now they will stay at the school. They will grow and Ledyard students have the opportunity to watch them flourish.

Laverne can be seen via livestream on the agriscience website, where she and her piglets can be seen 24 hours a day. When you’re sitting at home bored and wondering what to do, you can hop online to see what the piglets are doing— whether they’re running around, sleeping, or just being adorable they are guaranteed to entertain any viewer.

Rachel Evans, Staff Writer

Sophomore Rachel Evans is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. She plays in Marching Band, Wind Orchestra, and Symphonic Band. Outside of school, she enjoys taking photos.

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