Dog Tricks to Remember as the Year Ends


As the year comes to an end, we are simply trying to just make it to June 19th. Try sitting and just taking a breath. Refocus all your energy into the tasks that need to be done in the next couple of weeks. Don’t start barking at your teachers, like Spike might start barking at his owner when he is waiting for him to throw the ball. Finish the year on a good note and leave all the teachers remembering the focused and studious Colonels, sitting in their desks working hard.


Although summer vacation is just around the corner and you are beyond ready to pounce into the pool, it is important to just take a moment to stay. Stay and remember the simple things that got you through the year. The kid in your English class that cracked a joke every other day, the chairs in the health room that made life not too awful for 84 minutes, or the air conditioned library that you escaped to in early September and late June. Stay for a second and appreciate all the tiny things that helped you through the big things this year.


Shake hands with all the people you’ll be leaving for the summer. Thank the teachers who put up with the fidget spinners, earbuds, and silly string these past few months. Wave goodbye to the kids you pass everyday in the hallway because, although most of us will be back in a couple months, schedules/teachers/classmates will change. Appreciate the way things are now, shake like a good boy/girl and say goodbye.


Speak up while you still can. The end is coming quickly, so make these last classes count. Answer the questions when you aren’t sure if you’re right, ask the questions when you don’t understand, volunteer to present first, start the class discussion. There are only five days left until exams, so what do you have to lose? People say it is first impressions that count, but the last impressions are what everybody remembers.

Roll Over:

Last, but not least, after these last few weeks, roll over into the sandy beaches and enjoy yourself. Ledyard High School has worked hard this year and deserve some time in the sun. Finish strong so you can walk out of here knowing that you deserve your time off and worked hard to get here. Happy summer and see you in September!!

Olivia Strelevitz, Staff Writer

Sophomore Olivia Strelevitz is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. Not only is she an honors student, she is also a competitive swimmer competing for LHS and TAC. Outside of the pool, Strelevitz works as the Secretary of Key Club and participates in Student Congress.

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