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Friends don’t lie

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the relatively popular science fiction horror series that has taken over the nation, Stranger Things. The series is created by the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, and the two seasons can be found streaming on Netflix. The show also includes characters played by Winona Ryder from Star Trek and other classics, Finn Wolfhard from It, and David Harbour in Suicide Squad.

As I was watching season two, I noticed the continuation of all tiny unresolved events, which made me happy to see them continued. A lot of new characters are introduced like a new addition to the friend group of Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. We also find out that there are more people from Hawkins Lab that are like Eleven, and that the love triangle of Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan is completed, because near the end Nancy shows who she truly loves. In my opinion, the show was great because I could not stop watching and ended up binge-watching the entire season in the duration of a day.

Throughout  the first season, I often stopped the show and would go tell my mom about all the events that happened that really had me shocked. It’s definitely a show that will keep you hooked and interested the whole time with its mystery factor in play. While watching, the show made me feel an array of emotions from happy to sad, conflicted to confused, and mad to scared. Stranger Things also isn’t hard to follow along with, although I did get confused about who was who at the beginning, but by the third episode of season one I knew everyone’s names.

One thing I didn’t like was the fact that in season two it leaves a lot of little details unresolved and open, but I have watched enough interviews of the cast to know that those details will be resolved in season three, but I unfortunately will have to wait until around next September-October for the third season to come out.

Speaking of season three, in my opinion I predict that the kids will be in high school. The time it takes to write another whole season, along with producing it, will mean that the actors will definitely grow up causing a time skip. Steve will still be in Hawkins considering that he claimed he wanted to work with his dad instead of going to college. Nancy and Jonathan will most likely be in their senior year of high school, and we can only assume their relationship will bloom, and they will announce they are together. I’m also wondering if Dustin and Hopper will be alright, while they were in the Mind Flayer they both got sprayed in the face. Will they become the new spy’s for the Upside Down? I also hope a relationship comes into place with Hopper and Joyce considering the chemistry between them at the snowball dance.

So, if you are wanting to watch the seasons, watch it over a lengthy time period, so you can hang onto episodes and have some breathing time. Unless you plan on waiting a year for the next season, then you better find some other movies or shows to fill the uneventful time. If I were to tell you my new favorite show, I would say Stranger Things. So, you should definitely go watch it on Netflix, because if not, you are missing out.

But, if you don’t really understand what I’m talking about, I recap season 1 below. If you don’t need an update, read that comment down below and share your thoughts or predictions about the popular Netflix series.

Stranger Things season one, is set in the early 1980s in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. The series’ events start when 12 year-old Will Byers is presumed lost. Chief Hopper is the policeman who has taken hold of the case, and as time passes, he gets more and more invested in the case. Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, Will’s best friends, set off to try to find Will and stumble across a girl they call “Eleven,” who they soon realize has telekinetic powers. After a few days, Joyce Byers, Will’s mom, is slowly going insane and swears her son is trying to contact her by blinking the  house lights to answer her questions .

Meanwhile, Nancy Wheeler, Mike’s sister, is dating Steve Harrington and she and her best friend Barbara, get invited to Steve’s small party. Nancy tells Barb to go home, but she goes missing as well, like Will. Thankfully, Will’s brother, Jonathan, was taking photos of the party and has one of Barb with some kind of monster behind her. Will’s body turns up in a swamp, but Chief Hopper finds out it is fake and was stuffed to look real, and this is the start of Hopper and Joyce’s close relationship. Subsequently, Eleven and the three boys soon figure out that Will is trapped in something called the Upside Down, an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world. But, the only way to enter it is to create a mass amount of energy strong enough to cross between worlds. The boys come to realize that the portal is in Hawkins’ Lab, the place Eleven came from, where Dr. Brenner tortured Eleven to get information on people and taught her to kill. Nancy, and Will’s brother Jonathan also team up to find the monster that took Barb from the photographs. Then, Dr. Brenner, the man who cared for Eleven, is hunting down Eleven after she  escaped from Hawkins Lab. Dr. Brenner finds out where she is being hidden and gathers his team in vans where he chases her and the boys. As a van comes at them head on, Eleven uses her powers to throw the van over their heads  in an attempt to stop Dr. Brenner.

Eleven and the boys then hide in an old abandoned trailer, because Mike’s house, their original hangout place, was being invaded by people from Hawkins Lab who are trying to find Eleven. Hopper, Joyce, Nancy, and Jonathan then all team up to try and find Will. They manage to contact the kids and formulate a plan to build a sensory deprivation tank, which is a tank filled with tons of salt water while Eleven floats in it with a blindfold on to help enhance her powers. They all travel to the school and build the tank and gather around it, as Eleven is inside it she figures out that Will is still alive and tells him that his mom is going to get him. Eleven, unfortunately, also finds out that Barb is not alive anymore, which upsets Nancy and Jonathan. Joyce and Hopper set off to Hawkins Lab to enter the Upside Down to find Will. In the meantime, Nancy and Jonathan go back to the Byers house in hopes of killing the monster that they decided to call a Demogorgon from the Dungeons and Dragons game.
     On the way to Hawkins Lab, Hopper and Joyce are taken and interrogated, Hopper then reveals the location of Eleven in order to save Will. During the current events, Nancy and Jonathan set up a trap to kill the Demogorgon and as they are almost ready for it to attack, Steve pays them a visit and helps them trap the demogorgon as it comes in the house, but it escapes to the Upside Down instead of being burned like the had hoped. Joyce and Hopper also manage to finally rescue Will as they find him almost dead already. Concurrently, Dr. Brenner and his team have made their way to Hawkins middle school where the kids are stationed.             

Trapped in a hallway, right before the team manages to get Eleven, she snaps all of whose surrounding hers necks’, except her friends, killing them. Eleven and the boys manage to escape to a classroom as a demogorgon attacks drawn to the school from the blood of those Eleven killed. The boys try to kill the demogorgon, but are unsuccessful and Eleven goes up to the monster and destroys it blasting it into small pieces. Whispering goodbye to Mike, whom she had kissed earlier in the cafe after finding out where Will was, Eleven is then not seen again as the ending continues Eleven is trapped in the Upside Down but the boys think she is gone forever. Around Christmas time, as the saga continues, the boys are back in Mike’s basement playing Dungeons and Dragons. As the scene continues to Will at his house, he excuses himself from dinner to go wash up. But as he is in the bathroom he throws up what looks like a slug into the sink… And that is where we are left off at the end of season one of Stranger Things.

Serina Walsh, Staff Writer

Sophomore Serina Walsh is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. You will most likely find her up all night with a big bowl of Ramen studying memes so she is always up to date with them, watching various YouTube videos, and constantly leaving those who interrupt this sacred time ON READ.

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