The Life and Death of Charles Manson


November 19, 2017 approximately at 8:13pm Debra, the sister of Sharon Tate,  victim of a two-day murder spree in 1969, one of the victims of the two-day murder spree in 1969 Sharon Tate’s sister Debra received a call from the prison officials in California stating Charles Manson is dead.

Born in 1934, Charles’ childhood was miserable. Mother Kathleen Maddox, who was sixteen when she had him, was an alcoholic and a prostitute. The marriage to William Manson did not last long and after the split, Charlie was placed in an all-boys school and that’s where everything began.

After setting his school on fire and going in and out of prison as a teenager, Manson stepped his game up. In the late 1960s he formed a group called “Manson Family Cult” which consisted of many contributors who would help carry out a variety of disturbing murders.

In 1969, there had been eight murders including the famous actress and model, and soon to be mother, Sharon Tate. Two of the murders were in July while the others were in August back to back starting the 8th through the 10th.

Sharon’s murder was one of the most memorable of many. Eight and a half months pregnant with her first child, she had been stabbed a stunning 16 times while also being hanged from the ceiling beam of her house.

After Manson’s death, his long-lasting penpal Michael Channels is fighting over Manson’s corpse with Manson’s alleged grandson, Jason Freeman. Freeman is getting a DNA test which is still in process, but Channels has the upper hand for Mansons will. After the DNA test Freeman will still have to fight the court about the will to even get a shot for the body.

After Manson passed, Zak Bagans, who is one of stars of “Ghost Adventures,” purchased many personal belongings of Mansons such as his denchers and homemade pentagram necklace from one of his close friends. The pentagram necklace took a full year to make which consisted of toilet paper, under wear, and for color kool- aid. In 2010 a pair of dentures which belonged to Mansion had been stolen in the shower room by a inmate which when he got released he sent them to back to his pen pal which was also a prisoner at that time. His penpal sent him a photo of the teeth teasing him which made him write a letter pleading for the teeth which he never got back.

With the other belongings of Manson’s such as artwork and crafts, Zak has a museum of horror located in Los Angeles open to the community 16 years and older you can go check out.

Emily Worst, Staff Writer

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