No Rest for the Weary


Students at Ledyard High School have been filled with jubilee repeatedly as nor’easters have swept in resulting in Superintendent Jay Hartling cancelling school.  But this undiluted joy will come to an abrupt stop as soon as they find out the consequences of Mother Nature’s actions. New England has been hit with winter storm after winter storm burying cars and streets, and with them, next year’s student expectations of a spring break.

As of March 29, the official state deadline to schedule a calendar for the 2018-2019 school year, April break is non-existent.  Mrs. Fagan stated “Jay and I consulted our Magic 8 Ball and sure enough it said cancelling spring break is the only option.” According to the Education Commission of the States (ECS) Guideline 83 byline 6 “A public educational system within the boundaries of the United States of America must hold activities a minimum of 175 days to complete an official school year.”  Ledyard High School will reach 180 days permitting there are no more unscheduled cancellations by the last day of finals (June 25). This begs the question, is it really the school board’s only option to take away spring break? This year, seven school days have been cancelled due to weather related causes. The last day of school has been moved back five days. Keep in mind this is with the addition of spring break.  Without spring break, and anticipating that we will have seven cancellations in the 2018-19 school year due to the weather, then school would end within the requirements of a legal school year even with the same number of unscheduled cancellations.

Additionally, there is scientific evidence that proves the winter of 2018-19 will not be nearly as potent as the past winter.  Jim Wisniewski, a science teacher at Ledyard, is a member of the prestigious National Weather Association for Technological Advancement (NWATA).  This group, having members of slightly above average intelligence, recently drew enough funds to create the weather prediction technology capable of determining relatively accurate outlines for the weather up to eleven months in advance.  The technology draws on the winds and rate of ice melt from the North Pole to predict the precipitation patterns far in advance. Ledyard is one of 169 schools on this side of the Mississippi to use this advancement to help with school planning.

Students and teachers alike disagree; in my opinion, as a lowly school journalist who fabricates entire articles, the school board has no business cancelling spring break, even with all the realistic evidence and the completely convincing, yet entirely fraudulent argument.

Trevor Hutchins, Staff Writer

Senior Trevor Hutchins is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. He is one of the few three sport athletes at LHS and is President of Key Club. Trevor is also an avid Avatar watcher, an amateur guitar player, and can “whip up an irresistible secret sauce in the kitchen.”

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