School is NOT Beauty Parlor

Getting up in the morning is one of the biggest struggles in life to a high school student, especially after pulling an all nighter to finish that paper you procrastinated on the week before. Pulling your sleep deprived body out of bed is hard enough, however, most girls want to have pin straight hair and “on fleek” makeup. Many have started to bring their makeup bags and hair curlers and straighteners to school so they can get ready once they arrive before first block. The place of this congregation? The 100’s bathroom.

This issue has been brought to Mrs. Fagan’s attention due to many kids complaining of the amount of hairspray in the air and the horde of girls that are packed into the bathroom. “I walked in to investigate and offered to join them,” she stated “after being rejected, I’ve decided that if I cannot join them then the bathroom will be shut down.” In addition to this, the nurse has serious concerns due to respiratory issues. The insane amount of hairspray and perfume is causing a dramatic uprise to respiratory issues in students and faculty alike, because the mixture is wafting into the hallway.  To deal with the huge issue, the administration will be closing the 100’s bathroom until 7:37 which is the the warning bell before first period starts at 7:42.

While this might cause many students to get up early to get ready, the administration is just making sure that the school is safe and no one is injured or put at risk, even at the expense of the students convenience. “Safety always comes first, especially over what could only be called laziness,” Mrs. Fagan reminds us. So make the adjustments to your alarm clocks, my fellow students. This rule isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Julia Bennett, Staff Writer

Junior Julia Bennett is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. She is a coffee and Italian food addict and can be found swooning over all things Teen Wolf, even though British TV is clearly superior because “English accents are to die for!”

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