Bizarre News Stories

It’s no new news that people are doing crazier things each day. News stories are always fun to look at when they are a little bizarre. So, here are five weird news stories from this month:


1.Prediction Cat

     A white cat named Achilles predicted the winner of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. He made predictions eating out of a specific bowl of cat food that had the team flags on them. Achilles also made three out of four correct guesses of who would win each match in last summer’s FIFA Confederations Cup.

2.“Dead Artist”

     Mike Parr is an Australian performance artist who entered in the Dark Mofo Festival. He typically does creative things that push his physical limits. This time he was entombed in a mini shipping crate and the road above him was resealed. He was supplied with air and water and a distress button if anything were to go wrong, but he had no access to food. After 72 hours he was released. The act was designed to highlight violence perpetrated by colonists against Aboriginal communities. His previous performance included wrapping himself in fuse wire then setting it on fire.

3.The Donug

     A businessman from Scotland has created the latest food trend. Combining a donut and a chicken nugget. The inside of the donut is a chicken nugget and the outside is coated with your topping of choice. Will this become the new food craze?

  1. Peacock Attack

     Wild peacocks are said to be attacking cars in Surrey, British Columbia. Peacock experts say that the attacks are because the peacocks see their reflections in the cars and think it is another peacock. The beaks of a peacock are incredibly sharp and make scratches on the shiny luxury cars because of this. Watch out for the wild peacocks, they can really put up a fight!

  1. Name Change

     A woman in Sweden got tattoos of her kids’ names. But the tattoo artist put an extra L in Kevin to make it say Kelvin. After a while the woman said she quite liked the name so she decided to change her son’s name to Kelvin instead. Always spell check before getting a word tattoo.

Serina Walsh, Staff Writer

Sophomore Serina Walsh is a staff writer for the 2017-2018 Colonel. You will most likely find her up all night with a big bowl of Ramen studying memes so she is always up to date with them, watching various YouTube videos, and constantly leaving those who interrupt this sacred time ON READ.

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