September As and Fs

A+ to those who got awards on Blue & White Day.
– Congratulations to all those who received awards on Blue & White Day; the hard work finally paid off. For those who didn’t, you can either rise in your achievements for next spring or sit back and watch Netflix like the rest of us.

A to all the fall athletes.

– Fall sport athletes are off to a good start with a warm welcome from Mother Nature, but that doesn’t stop them from beating the heat and prepping for the upcoming games. Go Colonels!

A to Clyde’s opening.

– We say goodbye to Mother Nature’s heat and give a cool welcome to fall weather as Clyde’s opening is everybody’s aesthetic dream. Get ready for all the apple cider donuts you are about to see all over Snapchat.


B+ to the Ledyard Fair.

– With the same rides and activities, the Ledyard Fair doesn’t have the same energy as it used to. However, from the multiple Instagram posts, it seems that people made the most out of its last year (if it really is the last year). Farewell Ledyard Fair!

C+ to Senior Sunrise
– Seniors had good intentions, but their desire to stay in bed, and grab Dunkin on the way there, outweighed any motivation to see the sunrise. Though many people showed up, a lot hit the snooze button and saw the sunrise in their dreams.

C to the dress code.

– Although administration has been more lenient during the heatwave, we’ve found ourselves covering up our shoulders to deter from male glances, sorry boys, shoulders are coming out. On a more positive note, if you feel strongly about the dress code, Mrs. Fagan is looking for help from the student body to modify and better the dress code.

D to the no headphone policy.

– Administration has been cracking down on students wearing headphones in the hallway; too bad the five minute passing period only gives you time to push your way through students and plug in your Bluetooth speaker in the hallways. Time to tune into the real world.

D to postponing Blue & White Day.

– Just when we thought Ledyard Colonels could beat the heat, we were surprised with a delay to Blue and White day.  It could’ve been prevented if we had AC- oh wait.


F to no air conditioning.

– It’s bad enough we had to come back to school, but to come back greeted by a heat wave was the cherry on top of our melted ice cream. At least we get to wear tank tops- oh wait.

F to seniors having to reuse their junior photos.
– Sorry to all the seniors rocking their junior year photos for their IDs this year- braces and all. You finally got a good picture your senior year and you can’t even use it. May the odds be ever in your favor.

F to last year’s hurricane season.

– Thank you to last year’s wind storms during hurricane season for shortening our summer, and thank you again to the hurricanes slowly approaching. It’s a love hate relationship.

F to college prep.

– Senior year is finally here, but with deadlines and applications? It’s made this year anxiety central. Don’t let senioritis drag you down, this is the year to remember after all.

Milliam Torres, Staff Writer

Senior Milliam Torres is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. Although she’s not enrolled in any clubs or sports, she spends that free time hanging out with friends, watching movies, and working the 8-hour shifts her job loves to give her.


Sarah Moynihan, Staff Writer

Senior Sarah Moynihan is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. She is a member of the LHS volleyball team, Key Club, and one of the co-presidents for Amnesty International. In her free time, she can be caught practicing volleyball, reading, or watching the latest movie. And if you see her in the hallways of school, she is probably laughing at her own joke with her best friend Nayeli by her side.

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