Five Ways to Enjoy Fall!

  1. You can make leaf piles with your family and friends or make a quick buck.#1.png

Everyone gets the urge to destroy things sometimes, what better way to do that than making a huge leaf pile and then tearing it down! Also, what high schooler doesn’t like money? Go to your neighbor’s house and make a quick buck raking up leaves.

2. Halloween!


As high schoolers get older, not as many go out to go trick or treating, but they still dress  

up in fun costumes and celebrate with their friends and a lot of candy!

#3.  Warm clothes


Fall means a different style of clothing. Get ready to bring out the long-sleeved shirts and

jeans because the weather will be getting a cooler than usual.


  1. Football is Back!


The wait is now over; you can now have your friends come to your house and argue over whose team is the best. Football season also means fantasy football; draft your favorite players and go against others to see who has the better roster.
5.  Beautiful Weather


The perfect combination of clouds and sky form together to create the perfect sunset. The slight breeze brushing up against your skin as you gaze into the sky is one of the best parts of fall.

Omar Whitmore, Staff Writer

Junior Omar Whitmore is a staff writer for the 2018-2019 Colonel. He enjoys mac and cheese and playing basketball. He also volunteered this past summer at Horses for Healing working in the office completing different tasks every day.


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