What is going on in Pittsburg?

Is it fame? Is it money? Is it too many hits to the head? The world may never know why the Steelers’ offseason is going so poorly and why their superstars are becoming falling stars. But I’m here to try to figure that out. Starting at the beginning of the 2018-2019 season, it seemed that the player contracts were as binding as Elmer’s glue.

Le’Veon Bell, the Steelers’ key running back, didn’t play a single snap this past season due to a contract dispute. The contract feud stemmed from Bell trying to receive a salary increase to no avail. Bell, arguably a top-five running back in the league, chose the sensible route to solve this and didn’t show up for a single practice or game until his contract expired. Bell will now be enjoying his seasons in scenic New Jersey playing at Metlife Stadium for the New York Jets. So far this year, the free agency market has been anything but free for Pittsburg. They have lost wide receiver Jessie James and running back Steven Ridley. But the real slap in the face to any and all Terrible Towel wavers is the departure of number 84, wide receiver Antonio Brown. Whether it was racing down the highway over 100 mph in his Porsche, or the multiple beefs he started over social media, the star player did not renew his contract with Pittsburgh. Brown will now be spending this up and coming season with the Raiders.

All hope isn’t lost for Pittsburg though with steady direction from franchise coach, Mike Tomlin, and strong new starters stepping up to fill the gap that their former teammates have left. Such as wide receiver Juju Smith Schuster, who was close to 120 receptions last season, and running back James Conner has an impressive 973 rushing yard season. In my opinion, even after all of the drama that Pittsburgh has endured, they still have the potential for a Superbowl run next season.      

Liam Mullin, Staff Writer

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