Spirit Season!

As students know, Homecoming is just around the corner, which means Spirit Week is too. Students in all grades are excited and cannot wait to make long-lasting memories. It’s the first Homecoming for freshmen and, sadly, the last Homecoming for seniors. Beforehand, Spirit Week and the pep rally get everyone even more eager for the dance. 

The homecoming dance at Ledyard High School provides time for students out of school to see each other and have a good time. As freshman Isabella Rowan says, “I’m excited about Homecoming because I think it will be fun to hang out with a bunch of people outside of school.” 

For some students who did not go to Homecoming last year, this may be their first time. For example, sophomore Matthew Bourguignon says, “I’m excited for Homecoming because I didn’t go last year, and I’ve also heard from people who did go that it’s a really fun night.” So, hopefully, this year people who did not get to attend last year choose to go. 

To prepare for the big dance, many people within the school dress up for Spirit Week. Dressing up and showing school spirit can be good for each class. For freshmen and new students who are unaware, each grade gets points for the amount of people who dress up, and the class with the most spirit gets the most points. Depending on what place each class gets, decides the amount of money each class earns. The winning grade receives the most money, so try to be the winning class! Dress up and go all out!

It is understandable that there are some theme days people favor and some days people couldn’t care less about. If students would like to give their opinions about that, they can go to student government during activity period for AIM. It gives students an opportunity to share their opinions and more ideas for Spirit Week themes in the years to come. Within the grades, it seems the majority love Throwback Thursday or Decades Day. As freshman Aiden Peterson says, “I’m very excited for Spirit Week because I’ve heard it’s crazy fun. I’m looking forward to the color wars and I really hope I can participate in the ‘Decades Day’ this year.” Spirit week doesn’t just give each class points, but it allows students to become closer and want to work together to achieve a goal of winning color wars. That can’t happen if students don’t show spirit. Junior Meredith Brown says, “The only way to have fun during Spirit Week is to participate in it. One of the classic themes that I would be excited to see is Throwback Thursday.” 

To prepare for Spirit Week, anyone can simply talk to their class representatives, or people involved with student government. They would be the people who know the most about the upcoming themes and can provide outfit ideas. If students need inspiration about what to wear, simply Google it, or ask upperclassmen who have experienced a high school spirit week. For new teachers and freshmen who are unsure, it is not lame to dress up and go all out! Party City, Walmart, the Dollar Tree or friends are good resources for outfits and costumes. 

As silly as it may feel to dress up during Spirit Week or dance with your friends at Homecoming, it shows school spirit and gets students involved. Show Colonel pride to help your class win and then go to Homecoming to have a good time. 

From the LHS website:

Spirit Week. Next week is spirit week. Each student who dresses up earns Spirit Points for the class. Student Congress wanted to keep the dress-up days simple and inclusive to encourage participation. The themes are:
Wednesday: Colonel Pride Day – rep your team, club, or organization. Haven’t found your place yet? Go for blue and white!
Thursday: Throwback Thursday – dress from your fave decade. Let’s see those 50s poodle skirts, the 60s hippie attire, bold patterns from the 70s, neon colors from the 80s, or your best grunge look from the 90s.
Friday: Class Color Day – freshmen are yellow, sophomores are red, juniors are green, and seniors are blue.

Emma Katherine Smith, Staff Writer

Sophomore Emma Smith is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel Magazine. She enjoys playing soccer and drinking ice coffee. When she’s not at soccer she’s with her friend or spending time with family.

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