Go Big Blue!

On Friday, September 13, the LHS marching band made sure the football season got off to a great start. At half-time, they performed their show entitled “Girl Power,” which was spectacular. Marching band is led by new band director Zachary Thomas and the performance featured songs by Aretha Franklin, Katy Perry, P!nk, and “The Greatest Showman.”

When asked about the music selections, band director Zachary Thomas said that “The show is about women and their contributions, sort of to the music industry, but really in a broader sense to the world and how under-celebrated in general perhaps women have been in history.” The show celebrates female composers and shines the spotlight on them for a change. When asked about what his favorite piece is, Thomas said, “‘This is Me,’ it’s the closer of our halftime show, it’s from ‘The Greatest Showman’ and it’s got a huge moment on the field, we just really like that. It’s my favorite.”

  For a marching band to be able to pull off such an incredible performance, a lot of work and dedication goes into rehearsals. It’s no easy feat, and a lot of effort is required to make it happen. During the summer, members of the LHS marching band attend band camp. Thomas said about band camp, “You know, band camp it was like a heat index of 106 and humid and we were out there..there is no downtime, you know the little downtime they get is to grab a sip of water and then they’re back at it. A week of rehearsals, they’re, you know 9-4, what is that, seven-hour days? They get a half-hour for lunch and they move.” Obviously, when a group spends as much time together as marching band does, a bond begins to form. Thomas said that a sense of community and camaraderie is created during practices. 

Marching band is truly an outstanding group that continues to outdo themselves year after year. Their performances are a masterpiece. The LHS marching band will perform at all home football games during the fall sports season. 

Olivia Post, Staff Writer

Sophomore Olivia Post is a staff writer for the 2019-2020 Colonel. She is a member of Concert Choir and the secretary for the Class of 2022.  When she isn’t watching the Yankees or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, she enjoys reading.

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