A 13-Year Old Graduate

At the University of Minnesota, Elliott Tanner will receive his bachelor’s degree, with a major in physics and a minor in math. He maintains a 3.78 grade point average and participates in undergraduate research, along with tutoring other classmates. Once he graduates, he would like to become a professor in physics for the university (USNews). So, why is Tanner so special? He is doing all of this at only 13 years old. 

His mom, Michelle Tanner, noticed when Elliott was two or three years old, he was reading without being taught by anyone. Following a few years of homeschooling and a high school curriculum only took him two years to complete (abcNews). He opened his first college-level textbook when he was nine, in community college, Normandale Community College. Although it seems like it, the Tanner family claims rushing Elliott’s childhood is not a part of the plan. They are constantly applying for scholarships and grants to help pay off his student loans. Unfortunately, they have not been successful (KSTP). 

When asked, Elliot claims his passion is for physics and it’s one of his favorite things to do. His mom says, “People who hear Elliott’s story say he doesn’t get to be a kid, or he grew up too fast,”. When stating this, Michelle Tanner grew to be upset and continued, “He still very much is a kid and the only difference is he goes to school in a different building.” (USNews). 

When he’s not doing schoolwork he likes, “…playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends. I also love to just play general board games as well.” With appreciation and gratitude, he states, “It’s amazing. It’s sort of been a crazy ride getting here, but it’s just been such a nice experience”. When he gets the chance, he tells all reporters, “I’m hoping to become a professor at the University of Minnesota in order to also spread this joy and passion for physics with other people” (KSTP). 

Senior Kandyce Jackson is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel Newsmagazine. She is a member of the Chamber Choir at LHS. When she is not in class, you can find her dancing at her studio.

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