How Well Do Seniors Ella Lindbeck and Mackenzie Peluso Know Each Other?

One of the biggest TikTok trends right now is doing tests of friendships. To do this, two people will have a set of questions and film their answers separately so they don’t know how they scored until the very end, when it’s time to edit the video. Ella and I have been friends for years, so we figured we’d do this Journalism style.

Note: We typed our answers on separate docs on separate laptops, so we didn’t know each other’s answers until they were put here on the same document.

Favorite Movie

Mackenzie: My favorite movie is La La Land. I really don’t know Ella’s favorite movie (oops) but if I were to guess, it would be Pride and Prejudice.

Ella: My favorite movie is either Pride and Prejudice or Marie Antoinette depending on the day and I think Mackenzie’s favorite movie is La La Land.

Favorite Color

Mackenzie: My favorite color is constantly changing, but it is green right now. Ella’s is probably blue.

Ella: My favorite color is blue and I think Mackenzie’s favorite color is green.

Favorite Place to Hang Out

Mackenzie: My favorite place to hang out is Downtown Mystic. I think Ella’s is the same, we go there all the time.

Ella: My favorite place to hang out is Downtown Mystic and I think Mackenzie’s is the same.

Favorite Class

Mackenzie: Throughout my four years of high school, my favorite class has been Ancient History. Ella’s is English. I asked for a hint and she said it was a class we had together all four years, which is funny because she wasn’t in my sophomore year English class.

Ella: My favorite subject is English and I think Mackenzie’s is a History class, possibly Ancient.

Favorite Pair of Shoes

Mackenzie: My favorite shoes to wear are my high-top converse. Ella’s are the same.

Ella: My favorite shoes are converse and Mackenzie’s favorite shoes are also converse. 

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Mackenzie: I’m team Edward. Admittedly, I was team Jacob as a kid but I grew up and realized how annoying and horrible of a person he was. Ella better be team Edward or else I’ll be very disappointed.

Ella: I am team Jacob. I think Mackenzie is an Edward girl.

Go-To Coffee Shop Order

Mackenzie: My coffee shop order always changes, but I’ve started getting mochas with oat milk. I think Ella’s is a latte with oat milk.

Ella: Mackenzie likes hot chai tea lattes with whole milk and I like iced dirty chais with oat milk. 

Favorite Original Avenger

Mackenzie: My favorite original Avenger is 100% Tony Stark (Iron Man). Ella and I don’t talk about Marvel a lot, but my best guess is Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow).

Ella: I don’t like any of the original Avengers but I do like Spider-Man and Mackenzie likes Iron Man. 

Favorite Animal

Mackenzie: I know she won’t get this, but my favorite animal is the ocean sunfish. I have no idea what hers is, but she has chickens at home, so I’ll guess chickens.

Ella: My favorite animals are cats and Mackenzie likes dogs. 

Favorite Papa’s Game on Cool Math Games

Mackenzie: Papa’s freezeria has and always will be my favorite. Hers is either cupcakeria or donuteria, I think.

Ella: My favorite Papa’s game is the donuteria and Mackezie likes either the pizzeria or the spaghetteria because she’s Iitalian. 

Final Scores!

Mackenzie: 6/10

Ella: 7/10

Ella Lindbeck, Editor of The Horizons Yearbook

Senior Ella Lindbeck is the Editor-in-Chief of the 2020-2021 Horizons Yearbook. She is a swimmer and loves reading. If she isn’t watching the Harry Potter movies she’s probably napping.

Mackenzie Peluso, Social Media Manager

Senior Mackenzie Peluso is the Social Media Manager for the 20-21 Colonel. She enjoys making Spotify playlists and has learned to become an avid online shopper during quarantine.

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