Opinions About the Top Three Bizarre Headlines From CNN

1.In California, a couple has vanished after stealing millions of dollars of COVID-19 relief funds. 

Posted by CNN on November 18,  Richard Ayvazyan, 43, and Marietta Terabelian, 37, faced prison time for their COVID-19 fraud scheme. They then cut off their tracking bracelets and fled. They left behind their three children ages 13,15,16 and were found using the money to buy three mansions in southern California cities and many luxury items. Eventually, they were sentenced to 6-17 years in prison and the children were suspected to be sent to Armenia to live with relatives.

My opinion: Why would anyone steal so much money and, not to mention, how could people have access to these funds so easily? Finally, what idiotic parents leave their three kids behind and go live a luxury life themselves?

2.Dollar Tree isn’t a dollar anymore!!?

 Dollar Tree has announced that, starting next year, the Dollar Tree will raise prices up 25%. They decided that the $1 cost was hurting business. They are doing this because prices rose on goods, and also because Dollar Tree imports its goods overseas, which also costs businesses more money. Also, their profit dropped around 4.7 to 30% last quarter. However, raising prices allows for “more products and higher quality items,” says Dollar Tree.

My opinion: I feel as a company they do have the right to raise prices of their goods for the benefit of their company. However, I do believe that some people  rely on these low prices for their goods due to whatever situation they are in. I also believe that since they aren’t a dollar anymore they should change their name, so it isn’t a false advertisement.

3. The Baby Dragons of Slovenia?!?! 

 Posted by CNN on December 3, 2021, they are said to have discovered “baby dragons” in Postojna Cave, which is one of Europe’s most visited caves. This tunnel is very big, filled with underground tunnels and chambers. These baby dragons are called olms, which are somewhat similar to salamanders that grow up to 25 centimeters in length. They, however, are blind but use vibrations to move around and can hear. Olms or these “baby dragons”  can also live up to 100 years and very long without food. 

My opinion: I think it’s really cool that they discovered these creatures and they seem very interesting, however, I don’t think they should have named them baby dragons because it seems a little misleading to readers considering they aren’t dragons.

Junior Emily Holtz is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 yearbook. She likes working out and hanging out with her dog.

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