Question Corner: Episode Two

Reader Discretion Advised:  This article may contain Spider-Man: No Way Home related spoilers towards the end of this article. You have been warned.

Welcome back for another week of Question Corner! To refresh everyone after our Christmas break, Question Corner is a biweekly chance to hear the opinions from the Ledyard High School community. Three questions are asked revolving around the topics of trends, pop-culture, and school. This week I was able to get responses to the following questions during lunch waves. The questions were: 

  1. What artists do you hope to hear new music from in 2022?
  2. What electives are best to take?
  3. What are your opinions on the new Spider-Man movie?

The responses to each question were answered from a diverse and completely random group of individuals who welcomed my questions. The responses consisted of 14 senior responses, nine junior responses, three sophomore responses , and three freshmen responses. 

What artists do you want to hear new music from in 2022?

  • Sophomore Olivia Planeta: ‟Coin, I love them.”
  • Senior Brianna DeCosta: “Luke Combs because he’s so upbeat and gives most of fame to benefit others.” 
  • Senior Maxson Grybauskas: ‟Future.”
  • Senior Iris Brainard: ‟Lana Del Rey because I always love her new music and it’s always something I could listen to.” 
  • Freshman Yelena Brookes: ‟Cavetown!”
  • Junior Alexis Wheeler: ‟Rihanna bc she can make anything sound good.” 
  • Freshman Jaiden Corr: ‟Machine Gun Kelly.” 
  • Junior Blaze Flores: “I would love to continue hearing new music from Adele.”
  • Senior Ayden Harris: ‟Janelle Monáe because she is a queen.”
  • Senior Billy Goodrich: “
  • Senior Chloe Mingoia: “I’m hoping for Demi Lovato to release new music because she’s an inspiring strong woman, and I also want new music from Daniel Caesar.”
  • Junior Jennifer Towne: ‟Cage the Elephant.” 

What elective is the best to take?

  • Junior Melody Patterson:‟Pop Culture, it is controlled chaos.”
  • Sophomore Olivia Planeta: ‟Creative Writing, it’s a lot of fun.”
  • Senior Iris Brainard: Drama. There’s no homework, it’s super fun and chill.”
  • Senior Dom Maglio: ‟Culinary because Mrs. Finnegan is a great teacher and it’s fun learning to cook better.”
  • Sophomore Natalia Curcuro: ‟Current Issues because it offers a lot of perspective and it’s very informative.” 
  • Junior Jen Towne: ‟Anthropology because Mrs. O’Brien is the teacher.”
  • Senior Peyton Kneeland: “AP Psych, it’s a lot of fun.”
  • Sophomore Madelyn Freeman: ‟Painting!”
  • Senior Chris Houdeshell: “AP Environmental Science is super fun and I recommend it for anyone looking for an AP class to take.”
  • Junior Thomas Cornell: ‟Jazz band because it feels like a tight group and your individual performance matters more, encourages improvement. It’s also pretty chill vibes once you get all the music down rehearsal doesn’t feel stressful at all.”

Opinions on the Spider-Man movie?

  • Senior Tegan Opalenik: ‟It was so good but the ending was kind of depressing.”
  • Junior Isabella Rowan: ‟I have so many things to talk about but I don’t want to spoil anything, so if you want to hear my theories you should come talk to me. However, it was really really good and I want to watch it again. I rewatched all the Spider-Man movies before it, so now my obsession with Andrew Garfield has returned.”
  • Junior Emily Dunn: ‟The best movie Marvel has released so far this year! I can’t wait to go see it again. I definitely recommend it.”
  • Junior Blaze Flores: ‟The rumors are true and this movie sucked.”
  • Senior Cayden Lucas Herr: ‟The new Spider-Man movie was great. Instead of nonstop action, they took a turn and focused more on the story and its development. I loved the introduction of old villains and Spider-Man’s, as well as the references to the respective movies. My only complaint is that it moves too fast to appreciate each of the individual villains, focusing more on key characters like the Green Goblin and Doc Ock, but not really focusing on characters like Sandman. Overall, amazing and I recommend it for people who love Tobey Maguire!”
  • Senior Erin Buller: “It was very exciting to see the old other Spider-Men from different universes, and it was a lot of exciting moments that kept you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie. I definitely would see it again, but if you’re not into action movies it probably wouldn’t be your cup of tea. It is really funny if you have any sense of humor in you.” 

Look out for the third Question Corner with three new questions!! After reading, if anyone has question suggestions they will be welcomed and taken into consideration and can be emailed to Thank you to all the individuals who welcomed my questions and spontaneous lunch interruption. I’m hoping for more underclassmen  participation in the next question corner! 

Emily Goodrich, Staff Writer

Senior Emily Goodrich is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 yearbook. She is the Class Vice President and an NHS member. When she’s not harassing her mom to go to the beach or with friends, you could probably find her napping.

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