Inside Scoop: Anthropology

For freshmen who seem to like culture and history, Anthropology, or the study of what makes people human, a cultural history elective may be the right fit for you. It’s taught by Mrs.O’Brien, a sweet woman who has been teaching at Ledyard High School for 20 years. There are a bunch of fun things to do for this class such as testing odd foods, taking a field trip, and watching movies.

The class for this course analyzes several different groups of people along with evolution. We get to watch cool videos and movies that show us culture around the world, and how people outside our country live compared to us. Other units go in-depth about the food people eat, how they eat it, and why these food choices are made. Not only is food discussed, you get to eat the food too and, of course, it is also good for you.  Mrs. O’Brien brings in snack bags for us with different foods from around the world. For example, one snack was cookies that smelled like tacos but tasted like body odor that stunk up my whole house.

We do some easy projects throughout the course, such as presenting different foods and making posters about them. We go over many different types of studies, how they pick something to study, and how they go about their research. We took a field trip to UCONN Archeology to explore and see how to excavate a site. Anthropology is a fairly easy course that is a lot of fun. I definitely would recommend it.

Junior Emily Holtz is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel Newsmagazine. She likes working out and hanging out with her dog.

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