Inside Scoop: Woods I and II

One of the best classes to take your freshman year is Woods with Mr. Cartier. He is by far one of the most fun teachers you will ever interact with. He never seems to have a bad side and will sacrifice everything to help you. 

There are no bounds to the techniques he will implement or the stories he’ll gladly spend time telling you. Although, be prepared for loud sounds because the only thing louder than the machines is Mr. Cartier himself. It would be wise to be careful around the machines though because one small slip up and you get a scar for life. Safety is no joke and is taken very seriously in the shop. 

This class teaches you very important carpentry and building skills, as well as challenges your creativity. (Spoilers for what you build) When you’re in your first year of woods you get to build a shelf with your own personal picture lasered on the side, and a little race car. After you build the mandatory projects, you are allowed to build whatever you want (that’s school appropriate). After you get through Woods I you can take Woods II, and that’s where you get to build a picture frame and your own collapsible chair. He still leaves plenty of time in that class for you to build whatever you want. Personally, I just built a lot of crosses because, why not? One thing that most students made was the hilt of a pen, and other students seemed to enjoy making them so much that they made several, and don’t be afraid to mess up because Mr. Cartier has an almost unlimited supply of wood. This class is creativity for the brain at its best.

Zaden Allaire, Staff Writer

Junior Zaden Allaire is a staff writer for the 2021-2022 Colonel Newsmagazine. He enjoys walking with his cats and laying with his dog.

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