Homecoming Dress Trends 2022

Homecoming (Hoco) is coming up! Dress shopping can take a lot of time if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and trends change every year. Due to this, I went around the school and asked teachers and students what they predict this year’s homecoming trends will be. 

Hoco trends from internet

Seventeen.com says, “…think glitzy sequins, bright Barbiecore pinks, and silky or velvet-y fabrics.” The examples posted on the page show bold patterns and a bunch of different silhouettes.  Queenly.com confirms their idea, saying that, “Deep v’s, Statement skirt, Bright solids, and Longer lengths” could be the upcoming trends. 

Hoco trends from students

Students had many different opinions. “Short and lots of pinks, also some light blues,” says junior Pamela Torres. Zoe Avila predicts velvets and glitter. Senior Declan York had a very different take, “Collars. Very goth type of homecoming,” says York, continuing with, “emo and goth.” Nick Damato, a senior, predicts that, “Colorful and long, maybe green” dresses will be popular, while senior James Green disagrees with the idea that, “Mermaid and wedding dresses” will be the main trends this year.

Trends from teachers

After interviewing students, I moved onto asking teachers what they thought. Summer Szell, an English and journalism teacher, stated that she thinks, “Greens, blues, pastels and glitzy fabric” will steal the show this year. Claire Malavazos, another English and journalism teacher, sees velvet coming back for fall. The fashion design teacher, Ann Finnigan, predicts that “A-line skirts, open corset string backs, and gold and mauve colors will be popular.” Math teacher, Heather Russak, says, “Cocktail dresses that are ‘on the short side’ and strapless due to the heat in the gym.” Russak also predicts that the dresses will be purple, silver and glittery, and reminds us that the dance is from 6-9 on October 21st.

The general and most popular opinions from students and staff at LHS are glitter and velvet dresses in metallic or green tones. Personally, I think that the dresses this year will follow trends from previous years: short, tight or A-line skirt dresses, and bright colors. In the end though, I think that everyone’s dresses will be different and reflect what feels best on them. Don’t forget to go to Homecoming on October 21st!

Makena Culligan, Staff Writer

Senior Makena Culligan is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She loves listening to music and being with her friends.

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