A New Age In History And Science?

There has been a massive discovery in the Tottori Prefecture in Japan:. the preserved remains of an early man. The body was unearthed under an abandoned home and the man was found to be from the Paleolithic Era- the earliest time period that humans were found to exist. There was a large ice formation underneath the mountains that spanned thirty-six miles around. After decades of construction, the ice has melted and cracked which has unearthed the man. 

Scientists have named the specimen Pickle. Pickle was measured to be over seven feet tall and very muscular. The tools surrounding the body, and on Pickle´s person, point toward him hunting at the time of his freezing. To the astonishment of the researchers, there was the smallest pulse in the body, with that pulse being the only thing keeping the body from dying. They found no decomposition on or in the body, but they did find evidence that Pickle´s skin was slowly shedding while encapsulated. There is evidence, such as Pickle´s clothes, that he had more muscle mass and fat when he was frozen, but his body slowly ate away at itself over the 2.5 million years he was frozen. Researcher Yoshinori Oshumi theorized that Pickle was around 262 kilograms (600 pounds) when he was frozen, and at the time of March 20, 2023(four days after Pickle was unearthed) he is 174.179 kilograms (384 pounds). This means after 2.5 million years, he would have lost 3.919038077e-5 kilograms (.0000864 pounds) a year. Pickle had almost no fat in his body and his joints were far colder than the rest of his body. 

He was put into a hospital specializing in coma patients, allowing his body to be monitored. For four days (eight days after unearthing), his vitals stabilized closely resembling a normal human. His body temperature had risen to over 38 degrees celsius (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit). Although three days later (thirteen after unearthing), brain activity was captured on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) which is a machine that provides life support to coma patients. 

This discovery not only can connect us with the past, but also the future of technology. Michio Kako, a theoretical scientist at the City College of New York stated that with this body, we can create a stable way of freezing people. This could allow for better treatment for diseases such as cancer and heart failure. 

Zaden Allaire, Staff Writer

Senior Zaden Allaire is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. An avid time waster, Zaden Allaire is very bad at coming up with words to describe himself. He wastes no time wasting time in class and doing all the work last minute with the grace of a bird that hit a closed window. He spends precious time hanging out with his cats or best mates and has a rivalry with his local turkey gang. Never one to leave empty space, drawings litter everything he owns.

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