Prom Trends 2023

Prom season is here! Many schools have already had their prom, the junior class just celebrated theirs, and Ledyard’s Senior Prom is coming up on May 20th. When planning for the prom, sometimes a little inspiration is needed. So let’s look at the expected prom dress trends and the trends that were confirmed at junior prom. 

Seeing pictures from other school proms, it’s easy to see the common themes of tight and sparkly dresses and flowy, flowery dresses. David’s Bridal confirms the sparkles and flower patterns, while also predicting lace, corsets, and cut outs. New York Dress, a blog, also says that sparkles, lace, and corsets will be popular, additionally saying we’ll see lots of sequins, fit and flair, bold colors, and feathers. Both of these sites really emphasized sparkles, lace and corsets, so there will probably be a lot of those details this year.

A popular dress that is seen a lot in prom TikToks has a glittery corset bodice with off the shoulder sleeves and a long ruffled skirt with a high leg slit. This dress comes in many colors and lots of people are choosing a variation of that dress this year. OEE Boutique posted a TikTok showing their most popular dresses for prom season, the previously mentioned dress among them. They also show royal blue and black dresses being popular, and all the dresses have a sparkling element to them, except the last one, which is a wedding dress-esque ruffled gown. This boutique also shows  sparkles and bold colors, confirming what other  articles are saying. 

The juniors who went to Ledyard’s prom say that the dresses fit into all the above parameters. According to them, green, red, and sparkly dresses were the most seen. They also saw lots of tight low cut dresses, but those were balanced by some flowery and flowy dresses. Mrs. Fagan said that she saw lots of A-Line dresses and spaghetti straps.

Looking at articles, TikToks, and junior prom experiences, the dresses that can be expected at senior prom are tight, sparkly dresses, or flowing patterned dresses. We might also see lace and corsets, and we will definitely see lots of bold and bright colors. Despite the common themes, I’m sure that we will see tons of different dresses that couldn’t have been predicted.   

Makena Culligan, Staff Writer

Senior Makena Culligan is a staff writer for the 2022-2023 Colonel Newsmagazine. She loves listening to music and being with her friends.

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