Fresh Additions to Select Singers

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Ledyard High School’s music groups have been making a name for themselves for years. Talent is embedded within the town, and this is something music director Russell Hammond is thankful for. “I feel very blessed and fortunate to have talented students come in each year who get involved with the programs,” Hammond said.

This year is no different; three freshmen, Emma Graebner, Megan Larmann, and Shelby Olsen, all made it into the Select Singers choir and are now working with the upperclassmen.

“I didn’t realize I could get into the group,” Graebner said. “I was proud of myself for getting into one of the higher singing choirs.”

Olsen was also very excited to be a part of this group. “I was really excited and proud of myself and the other girls,” Olsen said. “My sister was a huge part of the singing program, so I couldn’t wait to tell her.”

It may seem surprising that freshmen can make it into such an advanced group, but Hammond was not surprised with the level of talent. “I was not surprised at all,” Hammond said. “It isn’t any different than sports; talent can come at any age.”

Junior Katharine Woodmansie, who is a member of Select, was happy for the students that were chosen to be in the choir. “I am not surprised at all that three freshmen made it into the group,” Woodmansie said. “They are all really talented, so they deserve to be there.”

As the year unfolds, Select Singers will continue to rehearse for the annual competitions they attend. Sophomore Lexi Dalton is hoping that the group is as successful as they were in past years. “Everyone is so talented and hardworking,” Dalton said. “I hope they can win their competitions again.”


Megan Brawner, Sports Editor

Junior Megan Brawner is Sports Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She serves as Secretary for the Junior Class, is a lead runner on the track and cross country teams, and takes pictures for Inner Visions and Teen Ink.

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