The United Kingdom has been together for the past 300 years. But recently, Scotland has been considering seceding from this union and becoming its own country. If this were to happen, the United Kingdom, which includes England, Wales, and Northern Ireland along with Scotland, would lose a third of it’s land mass, 8% of it’s population, and 10% of it’s tax revenue.

Several people have spoken out against this separation. Queen Elizabeth, President Obama, Pope Francis, the Bank of England, the European Union, and famous author J.K. Rowling have all agreed that Scotland should continue its union with the UK. “Independence would not be a trial desperation, it would be a painful divorce,” British Prime Minister, David Cameron said.

The people of Scotland have all voted on this decision, averaging at 52% of Scotland saying that the wanted to, while 48% would rather separate from the UK. Despite this close margin, Scotland will still stay a part of the United Kingdom.


Annabelle Dunbar, Staff Writer

Sophomore Annabelle Dunbar is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is on the cheer leading team and writes her own films.

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