Senior Prom Moves Down the Hall

Senior prom night is the event that every high school student can’t wait to partake in. It’s one of the only times that students can go full out in elegant attire and enjoy an expensive meal. As tradition has it, Ledyard High School holds senior prom in a hall or ballroom special buildings; last year it was at the Mystic Marriott and two years prior it was held at the Lake of Isles.

This year, however, due to  lack of funds, the class of 2017’s prom will be held in the gym of Ledyard High School. The graduating class has a track record of not raising enough money for their class all four years of high school. Class advisors always remind each class that it’s imperative to raise money or else it will affect what type of activities they will be able to have when they are seniors, such as the safeguard graduation party or the senior trip.

The class of 2017 will be the first class to have their prom held on school grounds. This is a big embarrassment for the graduating class as well as a big let down for those who were really hoping for an exquisite hall or ballroom to take pictures. They will have to resort to taking selfies in the bathrooms (where there is sure to be a toilet in the background).

“Due to the lack of funds and the seniors’ abysmal placement during the pep rally, prom will be held in the gym,” Nina Bumpus, senior class advisor, said.

Let this be a lesson to all future graduating classes: do not take fundraising lightly.


Moriya Phillips, Staff Writer

Senior Moriya Phillips is a staff writer for the 2016-17 Colonel. She is the President of the Gospel Music Club and participates in Select Singers, Concert Choir, and Acabellas. She plays basketball and throws shot put and discus for Track and Field. Outside of school, she can be found volunteering at a performing arts camp, singing Christmas carols for people in need, or hanging out with loved ones.

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