ISIS, or The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is a large extremist group in the Middle East that has caught the world’s attention. First formed in 2006 and branching off of the infamous terrorist group al-Queda, ISIS is a terrorist organization trying to create an Islamic State across Sunni areas of Iraq and Syria.

The recent actions of ISIS show that these people are not afraid to do anything to spread their power. Two American journalists who were taken as hostages have been beheaded on camera as a rebellion against countries trying to oppose ISIS. The videos of these killings were posted to the internet along with the threat that, if U.S. air strikes continue against them that “our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.” Along with these two executions, ISIS has carried out many more killings and crucifixions of larger groups of people at one time. They have threatened to continue these killings until they are unopposed.

ISIS now controls hundreds of square miles where state authority no longer exists and has begun imposing Sharia law in each town that they control. Strict rules have been forced upon schools in some areas, like the separation by gender and the discontinuation of teaching classes about Christianity, history, literature, art, and music.

Not only is this group affecting the Middle East, but people all across the world have been sent into a state of fear over what will happen next. President Obama has spoken out about this terrorist group, stating that the U.S. will not be threatened and will stop at nothing to destroy ISIS. “Their horrific acts only unite us as a country and stiffen our resolve to take the fight against these terrorists…” Obama said.


Annabelle Dunbar, Staff Writer

Sophomore Annabelle Dunbar is a staff writer for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She is on the cheer leading team and  writes her own films.

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