Oct. 25


  • To the sport team standings. Maybe your athletic abilities could even make up for us couch potatoes because we don’t see ourselves getting up anytime soon.


  • To those of you who participated in the blood drive. Take the amount of people who gave blood, and multiply that by three, Colonels. You potentially saved that many lives.


  • To the “Because I Am a Girl” Pink-Out, and especially to the boys who participated. It’s a true fact: tough guys really do wear pink.


  • To having to take SATs or PSATs bright and early on a Saturday morning…as if college is important enough to take away our beauty sleep.


  • To not having sports announcements anymore during morning meeting. Not only were the stats popping, the little tunes prior to each recording gave a second for a small morning meeting party.


  • To crowds of people in lunch lines and hallways (especially in the 100s). How are we supposed to Gangnam Style if y’all are in the way?

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