Boosting Confidence for the SATs

On 18 Oct. about 220 sophomores and juniors took the PSATs at Ledyard High School, including Fitch, St Bernard, and homeschooled students. Over 1.4 million high school students take them each year in the United States according “Princeton Review”. Why is everybody lining up to take the PSATs you might be asking?

“Taking the PSATs helps students score higher on the SATs because they get see the wording of the questions and helps alleviate some stress,” guidance counselor Mrs. Toppa.”They can get comfortable in the testing situation.”

It is not only guidance counselors and teacher that feel the PSATs truly help you be more cat rest with the SATs. Many juniors and seniors can attest to that.

Senior Michelle Klinikowski has taken both the SATs and the PSATs. “After taking the PSATs I was much more comfortable taking the SATs because it helped me to be prepared for the different types and the set up of the questions”

Junior Hannah Terrapin has taken the PSATs twice. “I am not as nervous for the actual test,” Terrapin said. The PSATs really just made me realize how much I need to start studying.”


Dani Tynan, News Editor

Junior Dani Tynan is News Editor for the 2014-2015 Colonel. She plays varsity volleyball and softball, and participates in Operation Smiles.

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